Other Professional Event: Cyber Security & Workplace Violence

    November 13, 2019
    8:30 AM - 9:30 AM
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    Saturn Club
    977 Delaware Ave
    Buffalo, NY 14209
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    Registration:  http://bit.ly/security-seminar


    Insurance & Security


    Do you know if you are protected? Do you know what's at stake if you are not properly protected? Are you prepared if an attack occurs?

    About this Event

    Businesses have a responsibility to maintain a reasonable safety and security posture. Assets or resources could be damaged or stolen. Confidential business or client information could be compromised. The negative impact of incidents, either internal or external have costs you’re your insurance may not cover.

    You’ll want to join us November 13, 2019 at 8:30am, as insurance coverage experts and security experts present updated trends and statistics from security incidents that can affect you including theft, robbery, cyber security breach, workplace violence and active shooter incidents.

    Topics Presented:

    • Cost of security incident (cyber breach, workplace violence, reputation)

    • Liability – what your policy will cover and what it will not

    • Business Interruption – delay in your ability to generate revenue

    • Best Coverage options

    • How to prepare: recommendations and policy review

    If you have any questions about the event or anything on the subjects or presenters, please contact:

    Michael Anderson - (716) 277-0505 or [email protected]